Project HEAL

HEAL’s vision: HEAL stands for Hope, Empowerment And Love and its purpose is to help identify and coordinate services to our brothers and sisters without homes in the Goleta/Noleta and Isla Vista area, especially encouraging faith congregations to engage in advocacy, issue awareness, and volunteer opportunities according to the calling and resources of each.

HEAL’s rational: We are all touched by the needs of our neighbors who are going through difficult times and who, for myriad reasons, are without homes. While recognizing that supportive housing is the primary solution to people forced to live on the streets, interim measures are essential.

HEAL’s objectives:

  • Recruit faith communities and the spiritually independent to get involved with our neighbors without homes;
  • Provide consciousness-raising and training events and help frame the issues from an interfaith-based perspective;
  • Advocate on issues that affect our neighbors without homes;
  • Establish rapport with the various governmental, private, non-profit, and religious individuals and groups that are engaged in serving our neighbors without homes;
  • Establish rapport with our brothers and sisters without homes and find ways to include them and empower them regarding issues that affect their lives;
  • Listen to these individuals and groups, discover gaps, assess overlaps, provide encouragement, and identify needs and services that faith-based communities could address;
  • Distribute donations of dry goods, healthy food, and transportation vouchers.

To volunteer with Project HEAL, please join one of our coordinating meetings every second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm at Christ Lutheran Church in Goleta.

A major project of HEAL is Showers of Blessing.