Showers of Blessing


Showers of Blessing engages the compassion, volunteer spirit and financial support of the residents of South Santa Barbara County in the operation of a mobile shower trailer which delivers critical hygienic services to our most vulnerable houseless neighbors. We believe that a lack of basic hygiene leads to lowered self-esteem and invites unfair prejudices from the community at large. Showers of Blessing addresses this in three ways: 1.) By providing the houseless with warm, hygienic showers so they feel better about themselves; 2.) By employing our clients in the operation of the project so they feel productive and valuable and; 3.) By promoting collaboration between our houseless volunteers and other community volunteers in order to breakdown walls of misunderstanding.

How It Happened

The need and priority for showers for houseless individuals in the Isla Vista and Goleta areas was identified in 2010. HEAL (Health, Empowerment And Love) took it on as a project to bring hygienic, portable showers to our area. Christ Lutheran Church of Goleta, led by its Pastor Rev. Ron Cox, agreed to buy a two-shower trailer from their portion of the funds from the sale of the University Religious Center. HEAL, a part of the Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara, agreed to take ownership of the Shower Trailer and found a donor for a truck to pull the Shower Trailer. HEAL accepted operational responsibility for the program named “Showers of Blessing.”

How It Works—Shower Courtesy

  1. Sign up upon arrival.
  2. If you have a condition that makes it unsafe for you to use the shower, it may be necessary to reschedule.
  3. Total time in shower depends on how many clients are waiting.
  4. When entering shower stall, tuck curtain inside. Be careful of the step-down when exiting the shower stall.
  5. Place all wet linens and clothes in the hampers outside the doors.

Thank you for joining us today.