Mission & Values

Our Mission

We welcome, stand with, and celebrate the major faith and spiritual traditions in our community, promoting understanding, respect, and cooperative activities while partnering with other organizations to realize our common values and goals.

Our Values

We believe in treating every person and the planet we live on with justice and respect. Compassion is a core value of many religions and it provides the foundation for our work of bringing faith groups and the spiritually independent together to heal and improve our community.
Myriad spiritual teachings and traditions inform our collaborations and cooperative efforts. We work as an interfaith community to dissolve divisions, appreciate differences, and learn from diverse experiences to rally around common values and goals.
Human Dignity
We seek to promote human dignity and bring about genuine empowerment, security, and self-determination for every member of our community, irrespective of their spiritual belief or affiliation.
Interfaith Leadership
We have a long history of being a hub of compassionate, cooperative conversation, catalyzing change, building trust, and inspiring dialogue and values-based planning among spiritual, political, religious, academic, and community leaders in Santa Barbara County.   
Houses of worship and faith-based institutions form strong networks and provide perennial values and ready-made volunteers to galvanize community service projects with a level of trust that enables individuals, including those that are “spiritually independent,” to act together to pursue common objectives. 
Continuous Improving, Learning, and Growing
We are dedicated to remaining relevant, learning the most effective ways to gather and motivate people, and operating in the most effective manner possible for interfaith advocacy and action.